Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That much closer.

Our dossier has cleared customs, and was picked up today...via the USPS tracking website! We are that much closer to seeing our babies. I'm so excited...I'm sure you all can guess that by now. I'm just so ready for it to be time to hold them in my arms. Although we have quite a bit of stuff to be doing between now and then. I still have to bring down their beds and get them put together. We have two toddler beds, two twin beds, and a crib in addition to the bunk beds that Andy sleeps in. We are thinking of bringing the toddler beds down for now since we aren't sure what type of sleeping the kids are used to. Plus the matresses are waterproof and low to the ground. I've been "nesting" and spent the entire day cleaning 8 years worth of paper work up and organizing our computer area. John brought home a really neat binder cabinet from work that they were going to toss out, and I think I'm going to add fabric and stuff to pretty it up. That will probably happen tomorrow. I can't believe our dossier made it to country safely...that is awesome!

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  1. The kids are probably used to cribs but will EASILY get used to a toddler bed. Waterproof is good:) Can't wait to see them home with you!