Friday, March 19, 2010


Due to the fact that I do have two blogs, and would like to combine them both into one that will continue on after the adoption....this one is moving. I'm only going to blog in one place from now on. I like that our travel journey will be a part of not just an adoption blog since this will be a huge undertaking for me. The adoption in itself is HUGE, but travelling away from home will be monumental as well. So I'll do my day to day thing here Sewn Together By Grace

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Anybody else feeling anxious today? I am not working on a dossier, and I think it may be to early to pack. So...I'm waiting...sometimes not so patiently.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


That's the percentage of abortions for babies diagnosed in utero with Down syndrome. That is CRAZY. And here's why. Every where we go, we meet people who know someone with Down syndrome. Everytime we talk to someone, even strangers who over hear, about adopting our kids, the reaction is amazing. They all seem to know someone with Down syndrome who they hold very dear to their hearts. Nothing but all good things to say about the person or people they knew/know with Down syndrome. So why such a high rate of abortions for these babies? I don't get it. I do however, appreciate all of the warm thoughts and stories we've been getting from people lately.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hurry up and wait.

Adoption is definitely a hurry up and wait type of event. Or at least getting to the adoption is. You hurry up to get the first part done, wait on paperwork, hurry up to get it authenticated, wait for a travel date. Hurry up to get packed, wait for travel time. We are in the wait for submission of our dossier and then wait for a travel date. I am ready....mostly. So I've been sewing more things for Anna to wear. I also ordered some material to sew up a few matching short sets for my boys. there are a few cute things to make for the boys, but not nearly as much as for girls. That kind of stinks to, because I had a 20 minute conversation with Andy about why he couldn't have clothes made out of pink heart material. I conceded to put a patch into a quilt for him that had blue hearts. He's still learning gender things, and really thinks "mans" should wear pink heart dresses because they are pretty. We are going to tie dye a few sheet sets and pillow cases this week, hopefully sew up a toddler quilt for each of the kids beds, I've casted on the yarn to make Anna a little red riding hood cape, and hopefully we'll get the room finished painting. So we do have a few things to keep our minds occupied. John is gone today to fix our tiller so we can crunch up a friend's dirt. He lives closer to us than our 14 acres, so we're going to garden his land this year and share. The kids are going to have so much fun digging in the dirt all summer, and eating all of the wonderful produce. Maybe they'll even help me can. I'm looking forward to it! Now, if we could just get that travelling over with :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Motherhood is sweet...especially when they're sleeping

NOTE: insert photo of amazingly beautiful, peaceful, quiet, angelic, little four year old child here* (It's not as if I'm risking taking an actual photo...that might wake him up)

There are some moments in motherhood that truly feel like VICTORY! One of those moments follows wrestling a small child for an hour over the great need for that child to take a nap. You know they flop, possibly shed a tear, talk, sing, wiggle, go to the bathroom, sing some more, make their distaste for nap time well known, and on and on and on. We were of the thought once that we would be no nonsense parents. To a point we are, but you just can't *make* a child fall asleep. I mean I guess if you drugged them you could, but we're not in the drugging a child business around here. So again you cannot make a child fall asleep. Sometimes a person cannot fall asleep.

However, on this particular day, with this particular child, a nap was very much in need. This child had lost all understanding and notions of a calm existance, and so the world no longer made sense. Thus the crazy, raving child running around the house in circles to keep himself awake. That was followed by a great lunch, and the naptime wrestle.

And then, I opened up the door to find the most beautiful child. Sound asleep. Victory!!!! Definitely one of motherhood's most wonderful moments...winning at naptime :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That much closer.

Our dossier has cleared customs, and was picked up today...via the USPS tracking website! We are that much closer to seeing our babies. I'm so excited...I'm sure you all can guess that by now. I'm just so ready for it to be time to hold them in my arms. Although we have quite a bit of stuff to be doing between now and then. I still have to bring down their beds and get them put together. We have two toddler beds, two twin beds, and a crib in addition to the bunk beds that Andy sleeps in. We are thinking of bringing the toddler beds down for now since we aren't sure what type of sleeping the kids are used to. Plus the matresses are waterproof and low to the ground. I've been "nesting" and spent the entire day cleaning 8 years worth of paper work up and organizing our computer area. John brought home a really neat binder cabinet from work that they were going to toss out, and I think I'm going to add fabric and stuff to pretty it up. That will probably happen tomorrow. I can't believe our dossier made it to country safely...that is awesome!

Monday, March 8, 2010

This verse.

I've had Jeremiah 29:11 following me around for the last 13 months it seems. For my birthday last year I asked my mother for a new Bible with my married name on it. She bought me the one I had carried around for nearly 15 years that had my maiden name, and since I had been married for quite some time, when she asked, I knew that's what I wanted. Anyways, it's a beautiful Bible. She also paired it with a cover that guessed it Jeremiah 29:11. When the Pastor came to the house recently, he gave us a card that said he though this verse would become very personal to us. I keep reading over it. You can see the verse in the header of this blog. How fitting for this journey. How fitting for life. God does have plans for me. He does have plans for my children. He has plans for hope and a future for Anna and Tanner. Good plans for us all to be together and prosper as a family. Isn't that amazing? So very soon I will get to hold these children in my arms. They have felt like my children from the very beginning, but now that the dossier is in the mail I feel like they are really really going to be ours. I have looked through their pictures a dozen times this weekend, just imagining holding them in my arms, marvelling at their perfect creation. They are so beautiful. So real. So ours. I know there is no guarantee that when we get to their country, that we will get their referral and that they will still be available, but in my heart I know they will be there. I know they will be ours. God has plans for us. This process has stretched me in so many ways, and my husband to I believe. He made the comment just the other day, about how impressed he has been with people stepping up and showing true character through this adoption. I have learned just how far love can reach. As much as adoption is not for the faint of heart, it is definitely a way to grow as a person. To learn patience. To be able to do things for people that you have not met, but feel connected to. A way to find your true character, find new or renewed faith in God, and learn just how much strength you really have. Stepping outside of one's comfort zone isn't easy. I think it's necessary though. God has plans for us all, it's just our acceptance of that and willingness to follow that can make those plans real and amazing. I'm so very glad we chose to follow God's call to adopt these two children. There are still many unknowns to come, scary rides on planes, crazy times getting two children home by myself, but I just have to trust that God has brought us this far. He's not going to forsake me in an airport in Germany. To those thinking about adopting, just know that you have to think about it in two ways. First by taking it one step at a time, facing each day with a prayer and fresh perspective. Second by keeping that long term picture in your mind. For me, it is having a 4th of July picnic with the kids running around outside playing. That is not so very far from now, and whatever we have to go through to get to that moment, will be but a memory when the 4th of July arrives. Summer trips to the zoo, picnics, gardening, and swimming with my three children is what keeps me uplifted and looking past the stresses of the present. God has good plans for us all.